Saturday, October 05, 2013

Sharkfins - Wet yet ?

Hello my friends ! I know I know, I normally just post Fashion, Mods etc, but today I wanted to show you a very great Furry hangout place. 
Its a FULL SIM Club called Sharkfins. The Owner are so wonderful! (by the way, she's my sister x3) Dragonlady Gothly & Serenadelphin Resident have opened a wonderful Furry Yiff Club which gets more popular every day! Both work very hard to see the club success. I'm very proud of both that they have built up a such wonderful place where EVERYONE is welcome!

Some Informations about Sharkfins : 

1. Need a place where to live ? Sharkfins Sim offers you Land pieces for a very good prize, you can also rent big apartements where you can live together with other nice fur's !
2. You got a business and don't know a good place where to get it started ? Come to sharkfins ! Big land pieces for your own mainstore and small rent spaces for vendors ! 
3. What kind of people does hang out there ? Everyone is welcome! Furry, Neko, Ferral, EVERYONE!
4. What makes Sharkfins so special? Sharkfins is a FULL SIM club with beach, space to live, shopping areas and of course the club high high up in the air! 
5. Who's the boss ? The bosses are Dragonlady Gothly a wonderful and naughty Sharkgirl and Serenadelphin Resident a wonderful foxxy! These 2 honey are mated in SL & RL and spend all free time in the club.
6. I need a job!! : No problem! Apply as a dancer, escort, DJ, entertainer, mascot, security or barkeeper! You got lot of chances to get rich. 

So my dear furryfriends, this was all! 
I hope you come by and visit their club, its worth it ! I hope to see you guys there soon! x3 

Taxi to Sharkfins :

Love and kisses, Zira ! <3

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