Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grand Opening! Furries Fashion World blog & Flickr !

 Heeeellooo fur's! 

Welcome to ! ~ . Furries Fashion World . ~ ! blog and Flickr !

We decided to make a blog and a flickr account just for furries. Furry designer can send their woman's stuff to me acc. name : Crissy Bailey Username : Amalia Tenk and their men's stuff to my son acc. name : Nevadar Resident Username : Lindow Galica Tenk. 

We will post everything you give us on Facebook, Flickr and Blogger. 
We hope that you enjoy our new created Idea just for our fur friends! 

All sended stuff will be blogged between 1-15 day's, so don't worry! Everything you give us will be blogged. :)

We will also attend to different furry events and wear the clothes YOU give us!

By any questions, just send me a private message in Facebook : Milou Tenk, write me a IM inWorld : Crissy Bailey or post a comment below our pictures! :) 

Hugs and greeting, Amalia and Lindow! 

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