Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hello my lovely fur's!

I really wanted to thank you for 80 views at our blog! :3 

But, what I wanted to say is, that I'm going on holidays from 10.8-29.8.13 and I don't know if I can post daily. I've talked to the designer's already and they will send me their Items while I'm offline, so I can post everything when I'm back!

While I'm offline or not able to blog, my son Lindow will post his stuff here. He's back from the holidays on the 4.8.13 and will start blogging as soon as he can! :3

I hope you understand this and don't miss us too much! :3 

Love's and hugs, Amalia! <3333

Moon falls in Love

Puppy's Mooncat Mod for the Curious Chinchilla Avatar, Puppy's Eyelashes, Puppy's Glassy Eyes and the Curious Chinchilla Avatar.

Puppy's Mooncat :

Puppy's Eyelashes :

Puppy's Glassy Eyes :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greetings from a Panda

[CAEK!] Panda Mod for the Orange Nova Bitfrost Bunny, Orange Nova Bitfrost Bunny Avatar

[CAEK!] Panda Mod : inWorld Store Groupgift! 

Orange Nova Bitfrost Bunny Avatar : Available at the Orange Nova inWorld Store

Gotta catch'em all!

Puppy's Pikachu Chinchilla Mod , Magika Hair, Curious Chinchilla Avatar

Puppy's Pikachu Chinchilla Mod :

Magika Hair :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

Dirty Path

Vixentine Fox Chinchilla Mod, Curious Chinchilla Avatar, Magika Hair, Chinchilla Piercings

Vixentine Fox Chinchilla Mod :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

Magika Hair :

Ferenity :

Colorful Seduction

Viss Bunny Puzzle Avatar, Puppy's Margay Mod, Puppy's Viss Shorts, Puppy's Viss Top, Yellow Hair.

Viss Bunny Puzzle Avatar :

Puppy's Margay Mod :

Puppy's Viss Shorts :

Puppy's Viss Top :

Yellow Hair :

Dark Dreams

Pixel Junk Red/Gray Bat mod, Curious Chinchilla Avatar, Yellow Hair

Pixel Junk Red/Gray Bat Mod :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

Yellow Hair :

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Leonore Afterthought Meeroo Julibee Mod, Yellow Hair, ADN Designs, Adjunct, Curious Chinchilla, Puppy's Eyelashes and Chinchilla Piercings.

Curious Chinchilla :

Ferenity :

Imma Druid!

Dark Spot Designs Cheetah Avatar, Druid Mod, *CK* Crazy Kitty VIP Group Gift, Yellow Hair, Lion Tail.

DSD Cheetah Avatar :

Druid Mod :

*CK* Crazy Kitty VIP Group Gift : Gift Inworld store! 

Yellow Hair :

Lion Tail :

Lazy day's

Dark Spot Designs Black/White Cheetah Avatar, Yellow Hair, *CK* Crazy Kitty Groupie (Skirt), [M.O.W] Top

DSD Black/White Cheetah : (Piercings are included !)

Yellow Hair :

*CK* Crazy Kitty (Skirt) : Inworld group gift ! 

[M.O.W] :

Out of control

Puppy's Cream Cougar Mod for the Curious Chinchilla Avatar, Puppy's Eyelashes, Yellow Hair, Chinchilla Piercings and *CK* Crazy Kitty Outfit.

Puppy's Cream Cougar Mod :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

Puppy's Eyelashes :

Yellow Hair Store :

*CK* Crazy Kitty :

Ferenity :

Cuteness in Pink

Puppy beagle mod, Puppy Eyelashes, Curious Chinchilla Furry Avatar, *CK* Crazy Kitty I Luv Pink  Inworld VIP Gift & Ferenity Chinchilla Bridge and Jaw piercings. 

Beagle Mod : (Includes : Meshtail, flappy mesh ears, 2 eyecolors (blue and Brown) skins f/m, shapes f/m, textures for head etc.)

Eyelashes :

Curious Chinchilla Avatar :

*CK* Crazy Kitty Marketplace Store :

Ferenity Chinchilla Bridge and Jaw Piercing :

Grand Opening! Furries Fashion World blog & Flickr !

 Heeeellooo fur's! 

Welcome to ! ~ . Furries Fashion World . ~ ! blog and Flickr !

We decided to make a blog and a flickr account just for furries. Furry designer can send their woman's stuff to me acc. name : Crissy Bailey Username : Amalia Tenk and their men's stuff to my son acc. name : Nevadar Resident Username : Lindow Galica Tenk. 

We will post everything you give us on Facebook, Flickr and Blogger. 
We hope that you enjoy our new created Idea just for our fur friends! 

All sended stuff will be blogged between 1-15 day's, so don't worry! Everything you give us will be blogged. :)

We will also attend to different furry events and wear the clothes YOU give us!

By any questions, just send me a private message in Facebook : Milou Tenk, write me a IM inWorld : Crissy Bailey or post a comment below our pictures! :) 

Hugs and greeting, Amalia and Lindow!